been [bi:n, bın US bın]
[: Old English; Origin: gebeon]
1.) the past participle of ↑be
a) used to say that someone has gone to a place and come back
been to
I've never been to Japan.
have been to do sth
Have you been to see the Van Gogh exhibition yet?
b) BrE used to say that someone has come to a place and left again
The postman hasn't been yet.
3.) been there, seen that, done that
spoken used to say that you are no longer interested in doing something, because you already have a lot of experience of it
WORD CHOICE: been in, been to, went to
Use been in when you are living or staying in a place : How long have you been in London? | He had been in hospital for several days.
Use been to when you have visited a place and come back again : Have you ever been to Kyoto? | She's been to the hospital for a check-up.
Use went to (the simple past) to talk about a specific trip you made in the past : Last May I went to a conference in Montreal.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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